Indie Point-And-Click Adventurer Chinatown Detective Agency Seeks Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Chinatown Detective Agency is an indie point-and-click adventure game being worked by Singapore-based General Interactive. Inspired by Carmen Sandiego, puzzles in the game will sometimes require you to do some sleuthing outside of the game, in the real world. And maybe learn something new along the way.

It’s a cool game we saw at the last Level Up KL.

Today, the developer has started a Kickstarter campaign to crowdfund the game’s development. They are seeking $39,941 USD, of which $9,738 USD has been funded at the time of writing.

You can check out the Kickstarter page here.

For those curious how it plays, an alpha version of Chinatown Detective Agency is now available on You can download it for free here.

In Chinatown Detective Agency, you play as investigator Amira Darma, working in Singapore and on the hunt of a case that will lead her to travel all around noir-cyberpunk Singapore. And later, around the world. Locations include Osaka, Istanbul, London, and good old Kuala Lumpur.

Chinatown Detective Agency is set for release sometime later this year on PC via Steam.

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