Indie Action RPG With Permadeath Holomento Enters Steam Early Access

Don’t call it a roguelike. Holomento, described as a “Permadeath Action-RPG” developed by solo developer Sean Weech (alongside the help of some freelancers and contributors), has entered Steam Early Access.

Holomento, you are tasked with rebuilding the town of Eventide Hollow. The Hollow is under the curse/protection of the namesake Holomento book, trapping the souls of those who wield it.

The Holomento explains the permadeath feature. It stores all your progress and transfers it to a new traveller should the one you control perish. Across generations of travellers, you’ll slowly rebuild the Hollow, unlock shortcuts and secrets and even invest in the Stonk Market, for a future traveller (which you control) to reap its rewards.

Combat in Holomento requires skill and has a lot of variety thanks to the many different starting classes, items and gear you can have. This ranges from priests with a glowing sword that can throw projectiles to gunslingers with glowy wings, fighting a variety of enemies like giant skeletons and small slime blobs. Weapon and armour can level up, and change its appearance as it grows stronger.

Holomento sounds kind of like a roguelite with all of its systems and features so far, though the dev insists that its dungeons, a mix of handcrafted and procedural dungeons, and the game’s stronger focus on exploration and a unique world make it less like other roguelikes or roguelites out there.

Though we reckon Holomento game should have an overlapping appeal to roguelike fans.

Holomento is currently in Steam Early Access. Players have access to one dungeon, The Sewers. More will be added every few months which will include the following:

  • The Old Mill (a large mechanical dungeon with lots of moving parts)
  • The Lost City (an ancient city buried in the sands of the Dragon Bone Desert)
  • The Autumn Mountain (a magic mountain towering above the Autumn Forest),
  • The Ice Palace (a frozen palace on the edge of the Frigid Fjord

You can find Holomento here on Steam, currently priced at RM39.

The game, published under Deck13 Spotlight, won’t be ready for release until Q2 2023 at the least but expect a lot of content updates throughout this year.

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