In Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, Star-Lord Is An In-Universe Rock Band Peter Quill Is A Big Fan Of

There’s a new Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer that shows more of what wild antics this ragtag of mercenaries-turned-heroes are up in this new action-adventure (with RPG-lite elements) by Eidos Montreal.

The trailer, which appeared at the 2021 PlayStation Showcase, introduced more characters including the space doggy Cosmo and a weird cult called the Universal Church Of Truths lead by Grand Unifier Raker and Worldmind- Marvel comics fans would be familiar with these characters.

But the more interesting reveal is the music backing the trailer. It sounds like a licensed 80s rock music (which you can expect to hear a lot in the soundtrack), but no, the song “Space Riders (With No Name)” is actually an original song composed for the game.

In-universe, this song is performed by Star-Lord, a rock band our hero Peter Quill is so fond of he decided to make it his moniker.

In fact, audio director Steve Szczepkowski recorded an album worth of songs for the fictional Star-Lord band.

That leather jacket Peter wears with the name “Star-Lord” emblazoned in the back might seem to be an act of narcissism at first, but now it’s probably him repurposing band merch. Or maybe a little bit of both.

(That’s just us guessing.)

The new age of Marvel games have seen the brand give freedom to game developers to tell their own stories and put their own spin on established characters and world. And for Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy, Star-Lord as a rock band is Eidos Montreal’s little stamp of uniqueness in the Guardians lore.

“Space Riders (With No Name)” is now available to stream and purchase, if you like to jam to Star-Lord.

Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy comes out on October 26 for the PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. For Asia, the PC version comes one day later, on October 27.

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