Illegear Introduces New Apex 25 Gaming Monitor And Ruka Monitor Arms

Malaysian-based PC brand Illegear announced today the availability of two new PC gear, the Apex 25 gaming monitor and a new line of monitor arms, the Illegear Ruka and Ruka Duo.

First, the new Illegear Apex 25 gaming monitor sits between the previously released Apex 24 and Apex 27 monitors. The Apex 25 brings a 24.5-inch IPS screen at 1080p resolution and up to 240Hz refresh rate, with HDR and Adaptive Sync support.

Colour-wise it can do sRGB 99%, Adobe RGB at 78% and 81% DCI P3. So this is more of a panel you would use primarily for high framerate gaming.

The Apex 25 also comes with built-in speakers.

The Illegear Apex 25 retails at RM899. You can order one through their official site here.

For those wanting more options in how they display their displays, Illgear is also introducing something new in the form of the Illegear Ruka monitor arm. The Illegear Ruka clamps on the side of your table and allows you to mount any monitor with a VESA mount and holds onto the monitor, freeing up desk space below.

The Ruka monitor arm supports tilts, swivels, rotations which you can freely adjust to suit your setup. There’s also a neat cable management system to cleanly tie and route the wires.

The Illegear Ruka Duo has two arms, so it can support dual-monitor setups.

The Illegear Ruka and Ruka Duo retail at RM139 and RM199 respectively. You can order one through their official site here.

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