Hypnospace Outlaw Is A Game Where You Play As The Internet Police In 1999

definitely a e s t h e t i c

If you have nostalgia of the nascent days of the world wide web circa-1999, boy is there a game for you. Plus points if you also fond of using Windows back in those days.

Hypnospace Outlaw has you play as an Enforcer, whose task is to monitor the behaviours of the citizens on Hypnospace, the surreal, alternate reality 90’s internet. You are on patrol, flagging for copyright issues, harassment and malicious software distribution. You literally play as the internet police.

All of this is done through a fake PC UI reminiscent of the good old 90’s. For better and for worse. Just don’t install bogus software if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Interestingly, Hypnospace Outlaw also ships with its own Hypnospace Page Builder and Hypnospace Tune Sequencer dev tool to make your own fake website as mods for Steam Workshop.

Hypnospace Outlaw just launched on Steam and available for PC, Mac and Linux.

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