Hunt Down Supernatural Forces In Tactical RPG Hexxen: Hunters

Hooded Horse announced another new game at Gamescom 2023 called Hexxen: Hunters, developed by Ulisses Spiele Digital.

Hexxen: Hunters is set in alternate 18th century where players lead a group of Hunters to face against the various supernatural forces that threaten humanity.

The game is based on the Hexxen: 1733 table-top roleplaying game.

Combat is turned-based where you must pick a party of four Hunters to face off against enemies including witches and werewolves, among other horrific monstrosities. Battles favour combos and “big turns” where you use all of the party’s powers to their fullest.

There’s also exploration, done in real-time.

There are eight unique Hunters in total, each with specific equipment and branching skill trees that synergise with each other. There’s a central hub that can be upgraded over time.

Hexxen: Hunters is expected to release in 2024 as an Early Access title on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

Alongside Hexxen: Hunters, Hooded Horse also revealed another turn-based tactical RPG at Gamescom 2023: Menace.

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