Humankind Release Delayed To August 17

Humankind, the upcoming historic 4X game by Amplitude Studios (the Endless series), has been hit by a delay.

The official Twitter account stated the devs require more time for polishing. The full statemet, atributed to Chief Creative Officer Romain de Waubert, said:

“Players have been always been at the heart of Amplitude’s philosophy, and releasing the game on August 17th will allow us the extra time to keep working with the community and polishing the game for an amazing day one experience.”

Humankind was originally slated for release this April. The 4X game has you leading a civilization from the early stone age until the future (or it reached its demise). It’s basically a Civilization rival, with its own bag of tricks and twists to the formula.

Humankind is also being active development with player feedback in mind. Its OpenDev initiative lets its core fans test a portion of the game and gave feedback straight to the devs.

For 4X strategy players, it will be a few more months until August 17. In the meantime, there’s always Civ to keep you busy now that all its latest season pass content has been released.

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