Humankind Launches In April 2021, Stadia-Only Beta Now Available

Humankind, the Civilization-like 4X strategy game by Amplitude Studios, now have a new launch window. After delaying the game out of 2020, we now can expect the wait for this fresh take of a historical 4X game for not too long. You can pre-order it too.

And for the handful of you who have access to Stadia (definitely not us in Southeast Asia), there’s also a new beta available too.

Humankind previously was made playable via its Opendev initiative, giving select players a sample of the various gameplay mechanics. So far it looks promising, and brings many new ideas that you don’t see in Civ.

The Opendev Beta on Stadia gives access to the first two eras, so this is more than we’ve seen before. Unfortunately, it’s only on Stadia.

Humankind will launch in April 2021 on PC (Steam, Epic Games Store) and Stadia. On Steam, it’s priced at RM179– but pre-orders right now gets you 15% off.

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