Huawei MediaPad M5 And M5 Pro Now in Malaysia, Tablets For Gaming And Productivity

Huawei Malaysia has launched a new device in Malaysia and it’s a tablet. It may seem odd to see new Android tablets, and us covering such devices, but Huawei is marketing it as a gaming device.

The Huawei MediaPad M5 is quite a large tablet, sporting an 8.4 inch 2560x 1600 IPS 2.5D display which should be good for multimedia and productivity use. For Malaysia, it is powered by the Chinese brand’s proprietary Kirin 960 octocore SOC with 4GB RAM.

When the tablet launched in other markets, most outlets agree this is a solid device, the problem being tablets now have limited appeal. Which should be why Huawei is promoting it as a gaming device.

The MediaPad M5 comes in two variants, the M5 and M5 Pro. The M5 Pro has a bigger screen size (10.8-inch), bigger battery (7500 mAh) and four speakers instead of two. It will also include the Huawei M-Pen, a stylus for drawing and productivity uses.

Games such as Free Fire Royal Flush and Asphalt Nitro was demoed, running smooth enough from we managed to try. Add the loud and crisp-sounding speakers, tuned by Harmon Kardon, plus LTE connectivity for internet data plans and a big battery, you’ll get a tablet that can be your go-to mobile gaming device.

Here is the full specs:

  • Display: IPS 2560×1600, 8.4-inch (M5 Pro: 10.8-inch)
  • SOC: Kirin 960 Octacore
  • OS: Android 8.0 + EMUI 8.0
  • Memory: 64GB ROM, 4GB RAM
  • Expansion: MicroSD Slot up to 256GB
  • Connectivity: LTE, Wifi, Buetooth
  • Camera: 8MP front, 13MP back
  • Battery: 5100mAh (M5 Pro: 7500 mAh)

With all the rage around gaming smartphones, such as the Razer phone, the ROG phone, Nubia’s Red Magic and Xiaomi’s Black Shark, Huawei is seemingly pushing the Mediapad M5 as a stopgap until they are ready with their own dedicated gaming smartphone.

But if you need a device with a big screen and big battery for your mobile gaming use, this looks like a solid offering.

The Huawei MediaPad M5 and M5 Pro is available in Malaysia for RM1499 starting July 13th and RM1899 starting July 25th respectively.

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