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How Is The Life Of A Pro Gamer? Take A Walk With Fuudo In This Awesome Video


e-Sports is growing bigger by the day with more players getting sponsored and becoming pro. But what does it like to be a pro gamer? This awesome short documentary highlights what it likes to be Fuudo, the Street Fighter V player for Razer. Fuudo made his mark in the fighting game community after emerging as the Street Fighter IV EVO champion for 2011, and he almost became the first EVO champion for Street Fighter V if he didn’t get downloaded by his opponent and fellow teammate Infiltration.

This video by tocotoco walks you with Fuudo as he does his daily activities like streaming, hanging out in the arcades and grabbing dinner, while he talks about a variety of stuff. You get to see Fuudo’s other favourite game aside from Street Fighter. He also shares some interesting insights, including how he deals with defeat for reaching 2nd place (in 2016) and 3rd place (in 2014) at EVO and what he did for work before being a full time pro gamer.

Check it out below:

tocotoco is a YouTube channel that does short documentaries about the life of different Japanese people. They have done videos for a  few notable game creators from Japan such as Grasshopper Manufacture’s Suda51, Former Access Games (and now White Owls founder) Swery65, Daisuke Ishitawari of System Arc Works (Guilty Gear) and Keiichiro Toyama of Team Siren (Silent Hill, Siren, Gravity Rush).

However, it is not strictly a gaming channel, as the videos cover tons of other occupations as well.

If you’re curious about Japanese people and its culture in general, check the channel out here, which has made plenty of high-quality videos. Pretty surprised it isn’t as big yet in subscriber numbers since the videos there are all wonderfully done.

(thanks tocotoco for reaching out to us!)