Horror Found-Phone Game Simulacra 2 Out Now On PC

Simulacra 2, the horror found-phone game sequel to Simulacra, is out now on PC. Developed by Malaysian-based Kaigan Games, this time you found a phone of a dead influencer. It’s your job to investigate the contents of the phone and found how such a fate came down. This includes scrolling through in-game social media sites, featuring live-action FMVs.

The game was initially released on iOS and Android late last year. Now it has a PC release as well.

Simulacra 2 is being published by Taiwanese publisher Another Indie. The game is out now for PC on Steam for RM19.50 (not counting the early bird 10% discount currently available) and GOG. We recently sat down and talked to Mr. Shahrizar Roslan, CEO at Kaigan Games in an interview here.


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