Horror Co-Op FPS GTFO Coming to Steam Early Access Next Week

GTFO, the horror 4-player co-op FPS with a… peculiar choice of name, will be heading to Steam Early Access on December 9th.

The indie team of 10 Chambers, made up of former developers behind Payday, have detailed why it will be going to Steam Early Access. Its main reason is to test its way of content rollout- The Rundown.

The Rundown is sort of like a weekly reset, where new levels are rolled in and out of rotation. But more free-form. For instance, The Rundown can last for a week or go for as long as two months. The structure is also different. Each Rundown has a set of expeditions (levels or missions) with different tiers of difficulty. Some Rundowns can have more expeditions, some can have less, with the spread of difficulty varied. The objectives of each expedition are also varied- some can have more monsters, for example.

What’s the same for each Rundown is, when the timer is over, a new Rundown is made available, the previous one gone. It’s a way to entice players to keep coming back, and bring variety- the developers want to keep things fresh, and needs to be tested.

10 Chambers promises no pay-to-win mechanics, no loot boxes and no subscriptions.

If you’re looking to satisfy that Left 4 Dead and Payday itch with one big scratch, GTFO sounds promising. You can check out the Steam store page here.

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