Horizon Forbidden West Sold 8.4 Million Copies, Horizon Series Sold 32.7 Million

Developer Guerilla celebrates its 20th anniversary today, May 9, by announcing some sale figures for its current marquee franchise, Horizon.

As of April 16 2023, the Horizon series overall has sold 32.7 million copies. Horizon Forbidden West, the latest mainline entry for the series, has sold over 8.4 million units.

The number includes players that played any of the games from PS Plus offerings (Horizon Forbidden West is on PS Plus Extra, and Horizon Zero Dawn was given out as a freebie as part of the Play At Home campaign).

The series features a world familiar to us set in the post-post apocalypse where humanity begins anew in a tribal society but with big giant robots roam the Earth where future technology is ancient technology. Horizon has since expanded into VR with Call Of The Mountain, but judging by the numbers, remains a big franchise as part of PlayStation’s first-party offerings.

Horizon Forbidden West was famously released around the same launch window of Elden Ring, which went out to sell more than 20 million copies as of early this year. Still, even if the vibe seems that Horizon was awfully overshadowed by FromSoftware’s latest masterpiece, the series is still doing relatively fine judging by the sales numbers alone.

Guerilla recently released the expansion for Horizon Forbidden West, the PS5-exclusive Burning Shores DLC. The latest adventure of Aloy and her magical AirPods is a solid one, you can check out more of our thoughts on that in our review here.

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