Hooded Horse To Publish Cataclismo, New Castle-Building RTS From The Devs Of Moonlighter

Hooded Horse is at it again. The indie publisher specialising in games under the simulation and strategy genre has announced that they will publishing its 30th game, Cataclismo.

Cataclismo is an upcoming real-time strategy (RTS) horde defense game where you get to build your castle brick-by-brick to prepare for the swarms of horrors that will come invading.

There’s over 100 castle pieces you can mix-and match to build your stronghold, as well as various siege equipment including flaming arrows, poison and claw traps. The game has a 30-hour campaign, as well as creative mode, a survival mode and a skirmish mode.

Cataclismo is developed by Digital Sun, the indie team behind 2018’s clever rouglite RPG/shopkeeper sim Moonlighter.

“Digital Sun is a developer with an amazing track record, and we’re lucky to be working with them,” said Tim Bender, Hooded Horse CEO.

“Cataclismo is our most ambitious project to date,” says Digital Sun CEO Javier Giménez. “Hooded Horse will boost our connection with strategy fans. There’s no better partner to take our game even further”.

Cataclismo will be the 30th game to be picked up by Hooded Horse. The indie publisher has a good knack at spotting strategy game gems. Last year, the 1.0 release of roguelite city builder Against The Storm received critical acclaim, while last April more than 2 players have picked up the ambitious medieval city builder Manor Lords.

Cataclismo will release this July on PC (Steam, GOG).

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