Hitman PS4-Exclusive Contract Now Available In Hitman World Of Assassination

Remember in 2016 when Hitman has a unique six-mission campaign exclusive on PS4? It’s called The Sarajevo Six where Agent 47 has to take down former members of the paramilitary unit CICADA.

The August 2023 update for Hitman World Of Assassination (the new name for Hitman 3) has added The Sarajevo Six campaign on all platforms. Now anyone can attempt the hits, without having to obtain a copy of Hitman (2016) which is now delisted digitally (all content from Hitman 2016 and Hitman 2 are available within Hitman World Of Assassination).

As the name implies, The Sarajevo Six campaign takes Agent 47 across the six maps from Hitman (2016) to take down the targets: The Director (Paris), The Enforcer (Sapienza), The Extractor (Marrakesh), The Veteran (Bangkok), The Mercenary (Colorado), The Controller (Hokkaido).

This should be a nice excuse to have Hitman World Of Assassination installed again, in anticipation of the new Elusive Target coming later this year.

The full patch notes can be found here.

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