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Hitman Blood Money And Hitman Absolution Are Getting Remastered, Out Next Week


IO Interactive has announced the Hitman HD Enhanced Collection. The Collection will contain Hitman Blood Money, the most loved game in the series and Hitman Absolution, the last game before the 2016 reboot and the most divisive of the series.

Both games will be running at 60fps and 4K support. Lighting are to be improved as well as the controls, likely to control like the current Hitman games.

The best news? It’s out next week.

It’s interesting to see IO are revisiting its past catalogue for remasters. But these make the most sense since A: Hitman is doing great right now and B: both games were from the last generation of consoles. So the small improvements for a remaster should be fine.

So, for those curious about the pre-Hitman 2016 games or can’t get back to the classics because of the controls, this is should be worth checking out.

Hitman HD Enhanced Collection will be out on January 11th. No platforms were announced at the moment but we will find out soon enough.