Hitman Adds Professional Difficulty Level, Disc Release On January 31

The episodic rollout of Hitman 2016 is done.. for now. Season 1 of content will be available as a disc purchase soon, but developers Io Interactive is adding a bit more to long-time players. For those looking for a bigger challenge, Hitman will now offer the Professional difficulty.

The interesting thing about it is how elaborate the notches have been kicked up. More threatening AI is a welcome addition, but it adds more than that. One manual save is allowed with autosave disabled. More security cameras and if spotted doing an illegal activity (like poisoning a drink), guards will be coming to investigate. Less health regeneration and stricter rules when it comes to what item/weapon you could carry based on disguises. And more. Check this info image for all the new stuff added on Professional:

This mode only unlocks when you have capped the mastery level on any particular map. So this is entirely geared for seasoned players who have already mastered the workings of the current six maps. Live events, such as Elusive Targets and Escalation, will not have a Professional difficulty option at the moment.

Hitman is already available on Steam, and digitally on PS4 (Region 1 & 2 only at the moment) and Xbox One. The physical release, containing all the levels for season 1, will be released on January 31.

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