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Hitman 2016 Has Completed Its First Season Of Content


Remember Hitman 2016 and its episodic rollout of content? Developers Io Interactive have just released the last level, or rather episode, for the season set in Hokkaido, Japan. This adds to the level count of six sprawling levels to the game. Hokkaido as a setting has an interesting setup: the facility is both a relaxation center for the rich and a hospital of sorts, operated by an AI. Resident hitman Agent 47 will need to circumvent the AI with having the right access through certain parts of the map to get to his two targets in the season finale.

With the end of the season, it doesn’t necessarily mean the end of content. While Io has yet to confirm another season of content, the Elusive Targets, limited-time events that has limited tries, will continue to roll out.

For those waiting for a physical release of the game, especially PS4 owners in Malaysia, since Hitman isn’t even sold on the Asian PS Store, the physical release is still dated for an early January release, so it will still be a while until you get the chance to enter the world of assassination. At least you’ll get all the level from the get go, but you will miss all the past Elusive Targets. Not a problem since they frequently add them each month or so.