Hi-Fi Rush Arcade Challenge Update Adding New Modes and More In July

Want another reason to get back into the rush of high-fidelity quality? Tango Gameworks’ surprise hit release Hi-Fi Rush will be getting a new update, though unlike the game’s release, it isn’t out right now. Not yet.

The Arcade Challenge update adds two new modes. The first is BPM Rush where you take on waves of enemies, but the music steadily gets faster after each cleared wave. The beats-per-minute count goes up to 200 BPM. For comparison, the Invaders Must Die song is at 140 BPM.

The other new mode is Power Up! Tower Up! It’s a Rhythm Tower challenge but with buffs and debuffs at play. Upgrades make you stronger but lower the score multiplier. But bugs will give you all sorts of debuffs but can boost up your score should you overcome the challenge.

The new update also brings in some extra content. There will be new special attacks by CNMN and the tutorial fridge Smidge, more photo mode stickers to earn, more T-shirts for Chai and more outfits for everyone’s favourite Scottish lady Korsica.

Hi-Fi Rush Arcade Challenge Update will be available on July 5. The game is available on Xbox Series X|S and PC. You can find our review of the game here.

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