Heroes of The Storm: Lucio – Review

From the streets of Rio to the clubs on King’s Row, Lúcio’s beats bring the party to life, and drive the people to action. Now he’s on tour in the Nexus, ready to break it down, and to continue fighting for what’s right.

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Besides the femme fatale Valeera entering the Nexus, another Overwatch hero glides his way into ever increasing roaster of Heroes of The Storm.  Enter Lúcio, a fan favorite support character who has a unique twist in his debut onto the MOBA scene. A twist that made me quite enjoy playing Lúcio well after the Public Testing Realm phase.

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Character Design

Blizzard did a fantastic good on recreating Lúcio in a minuscule size for their MOBA. All of his skins (vanilla skins and not seasonal skins,mind you) are created in incredible details,which you can see within the game. An example is when you spin around Lúcio on the hero selection screen, his hair will follow the direction that the mouse is holding at, Hair physics if you will. But you might notice when playing him in the game, he doesn’t have a mount. Well, there’s a reason for that…

[section label=”Character Traits and Abilities”]

Character Traits and Abilities


  • Wall Ride (D)
    • When moving alongside impassable terrain, Lúcio can walk through other units, and his Movement Speed is increased by 20%. This effect stacks with other Movement Speed bonuses.

Now, Lucio doesn’t need a mount because he has his own modes of movement. the trait gives him free movement over walls and can enter and exit combat with a click of a button. Pretty neat if you want to play offensive support.

Basic Abilities

  • Soundwave (Q)
    • Deal damage to enemies in a cone-shaped area and knock them back.

Lúcio knocks back enemies in a small cone in front of him and deals a small amount of damage to them, pretty essential if you want pesky Mages off your back.

  • Crossfade (W)
    • Play one of two tracks that passively provide allied Heroes with either a Speed Boost or a Healing Boost in a large radius around you. Activate Crossfade to swap tracks.
      • Healing Boost: Restore a small amount of Health every second to Lúcio and nearby allied Heroes.
      • Speed Boost: Increase the Movement Speed of Lúcio and nearby allied Heroes by 15% 

With Crossfade, you could do the abilities that made Lúcio popular among the Overwatch players, with the Healing Boost, you can restore Health to both you and any nearby allied Heroes to keep them away from being eliminated while Speed Boost increase movement speed by 15%, making it useful for quick getaways after a skirmish with the enemy.

  • Amp It Up (E)
    • Raise Lúcio’s Crossfade track volume for 3 seconds, amping Speed Boost to 45% increased Movement Speed, and significantly increasing the Healing rate of Healing Boost.

With this,the effects of Crossfade are greatly increased with the movement speed aura giving out a higher boost and the healing aura becomes much more effective. Quite useful.

Heroic Abilities

  • Sound Barrier (R)
    • After 1 second, Lúcio and nearby allied Heroes gain a massive Shield that rapidly decays over the next 6 seconds.

Something out of Overwatch, you say? Well it is. Not as effective as that but it does give you and your teammates a shield that could be the decisive part in winning or losing a match.

  • Reverse Amp (R)
    • Blast Lúcio’s Crossfade track at enemy Heroes for 4 seconds, causing Healing Boost to inflict damage every second, and Speed Boost to Slow Movement Speed by 45%.
    • Passive: Increase Amp It Up’s duration to 4 seconds.

Now this ability makes this version of Lucio different from it’s Overwatch counterpart. The ability can make the enemy movement slow if the Crossfade is set to Speed Boost while Healing Boost inflict damage to enemies. Hence the “Reverse Amp”. This makes Lúcio an interesting character to play as it players can be either offensive and support at the same time.

[section label=”Character Playstyle”]

Character Playstyle

As a support, Lúcio is a perfect choice for those wanting to help out their teammates via health and buffs. Even so, you can even get your hands dirty too sometimes with all the offensive abilities but not always though as he has a small amount of heath, so bear that in mind.  And that Wallride trait is really useful as I found out while playing,using the ability can outrun most of the rotation heroes without any problem. All of the abilities that he has makes for a good all rounder support

[section label=”Conclusion”]


All of the abilities that he has makes him a great choice. To those wanting a new support with an edge, then Lúcio’s your man, quite fun to play and a great character all around. Just don’t rush in without the heroic abilities.

Review is made via a review code, thanks Blizzard!
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