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Here’s The Top 16 Manufacturers Advancing To The Finals Of The FIA Gran Turismo Championship


The first season of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships has concluded and all the results has been published. The championships are divided into two- the Nations Cup and the Manufacturer Series.

The Manufacturer Series had drivers all over the world racing under contract of 25 different manufacturers. Drivers have to prove themselves as the best driver for the manufacturer in the region, with the best driver from the three regions (Americas, EMEA and Asia/Oceania) will be representing the brand in the finals.

But the finals only have room for 16 manufacturers. A global points system is used to determine which manufacturer qualifies. Which meant the manufacturer whose best driver is the best in all three regions will make the cut.

Here is the global ranking of the 25 manufacturers.

  1. Nissan 
  2. Dodge


  4. Mercedes-Benz
  5. BMW
  6. Porsche


  8. Citroën
  9. Mitsubishi
  10. Volkswagen
  11. Toyota
  12. Chevrolet
  13. Ferrari
  14. Subaru
  15. Renault Sport
  16. Aston Martin
  17. Hyundai
  18. Jaguar
  19. Ford
  20. Alfa Romeo
  21. Mazda
  22. Audi
  23. Peugeot
  24. Lamborghini
  25. McLaren

Aston Martin and Hyundai had the same points, but Hyundai is place below by the tie-breaker rules- how many points the manufacturer gained from all its drivers and how many drivers signed up for the brand.

It’s an interesting dynamic to see how the qualified teams stacked up in each region. For example, Volkswagen was no where in contention in the top 16 in other regions outside of Europe, where their top driver derek737_DK_ took the top spot, enough to carry the brand to the top 16. Ferrari on the other hand has a solid midfield performance in all three regions. McLaren being plum last in the order is.. expected, to say the least.

This will play more in the finals set to be held in November. The top drivers from each region of the top 16 qualifiers will team up to bring glory to their chosen car brand. We have saw a glimpse of what to expect from the recent Gran Turismo World Tour event and hopefully some exciting racing will happen.

Source: Gran Turismo