Here’s The First Gameplay Footage Of Cowboy MMO Game Wild West Online

Remember when Red Dead Redemption 2 was thought to be leaked but it ended up being another game entirely? That’s Wild West Online, an ambitious take of an MMO not only because of the Western theme, but its aim of being a mostly systems-driven game.

Rather than just going through pre-determined quests and content like any MMO, Wild West Online also gives players some freedom to interact with systems such as how the game tracks crime. You can do crimes (like stealing from a saloon) or dish out justice against these lawbreakers and claim bounties. Though pre-determined content like heists will make an appearance.

Developers 612 Games have released their first gameplay video of Wild West Online, showcasing how the open world and crime system works. It’s still very early in development- the character creation is limited and UI looks rough, but it gives you a sense at what they are trying to do.

Have a look below:

It certainly looks ambitious, which is both exciting and worrisome. Whatever it will be, it will be available in December this year exclusively on the PC.

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