Here’s Some Next-Gen Gameplay Of Halo Infinite, Coming To Xbox And PC Including Steam

Halo Infinite gets a big showing at the recent Xbox Games Showcase. And yes, this time they showed proper gameplay.

Halo Infinite is the big new game to showcase the next-gen console Xbox Series X, and hopefully a return to form for the series. This slice of gameplay shows promise that both may be true.

The demo, running at 4K 60fps, shows Master Chief and the new character Pilot crash landing, and has Chief going out to take out three AA turrets. It shows a glimpse of an open world and the return of the sandbox-style encounters where you can approach a fight from any angle and improvise as you see fit. And no sliding and left-trigger aim-down-sights too, so it looks like old-school Halo.

But with one twist. Master Chief now has a Grappleshot, a grappling hook used for traversal and for combat, allowing him to grab barrels from afar, or zoom close to an enemy for a good melee smack.

Take a look at the gameplay demo trailer here:

Halo Infinite’s new Slipspace Engine looks sleek, but the graphics style doesn’t look photo-realistic. The objects on the horizon looks off, but it also gives off an old-school Halo look in some ways. Still, the 60fps target looks great.

Halo Infinite will be out this holiday season (by the end of the year) to Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC (Windows Store and Steam). Like all Xbox Game Studios title, it will be part of Xbox Game Pass.

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