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Here’s How Killer Instinct Season 3 Pricing Works


Now that Killer Instinct is available on PC, we can talk more about it. To the uninitiated, Killer Instinct is Microsoft’s combo heavy fighting game that was launched with the original Xbox One. The twist is that the game is actually free to play, with one character available on a weekly rotation, and an upfront cost to unlock all the characters in a season. If you think Street Fighter V was lacking on content on launch, you should have seen the reactions when this came along years ago. Not much rage and salt though, since everyone clearly knew it won’t have many features on launch, and you can play it without paying the full price.

With Season 3 kicking in, Killer Instinct is now available on Windows 10 PC via the Windows Store. With this, there should be less of a barrier for us Malaysians to get a chance and pick this up. It’s an interesting fighting game with a focus of doing huge combos. If you favour the punchy-ness feel from fighters like Mortal Kombat X then this should be up your alley.

Two paragraphs in and we haven’t talked about the price, so let’s move on. As mentioned in Killer Instinct’s official website, the pricing scheme is pretty fair. You can buy just the Season 3 characters, just Season 3 characters with some extras, or just the characters from the first two seasons, or all of them with extras. The US pricing seems decent. The price in Ringgit? Not as much.

As seen in the featured image above, it looks to be a tad pricy. Using the information we have on the US pricing, compared them to the price stated from the in-game store and referenced the current USD-RM exchange rate via Google, here’s a detailed comparison of the pricing.

Killer Instinct Pricing Table

It seems right now, the way to go is the Supreme Edition, which nets you everything, and is much cheaper than the US asking price. The cheapest would be just the Season 3 characters, which not all have been revealed, and not all are available for the moment. You could just buy a single character ala carte if you just care about maining one character only, and at RM21 it sounds reasonable if you care about putting in time learning and playing online, and don’t plan to play it in local multiplayer.

Another note: there’s also micro-transactions in the form of KI gold. It’s used for cosmetic stuffs only from what we seen, so it’s entirely optional.

So hopefully this helps out in making the decision between the bundles being offered. Sure, some of the prices are not in our favour, but hey, at least we should be grateful that it’s now available on PC. And you can play it for free and take as much as you want before decided to buy which character.