Here’s A Trailer Of Final Fantasy XV Episode Gladiolus

Want to play as the other three bros of Noctis’s crew? Episode Gladiolus, the first substantial DLC for Final Fantasy XV is coming really soon and here’s a glimpse of what you will see when it’s released on March 28.

The DLC is being shown over at PAX East currently, and to celebrate that here’s a new trailer featuring the big man Gladio with his big sword. No sight of his favourite Noodle Cup here, it’s all serious stuff. He’s off in his own journey for a bit with Cor Leonis to undertake the trial of Gilgamesh, which explains why he went off alone in one part of the main game.

Also, controlling Gladio alone has also introduced a bit of a gameplay change, as seen in how the HUD is represented differently.

Check it out below:

At the moment the only way to get Episode Gladiolus is to get the RM100 Season Pass, which will include future DLC revolving on the other two party members, Prompto and Ignis as well as an online co-op feature.

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