Here’s A Teaser Trailer For Destiny 2, PC Release Connfirmed


Now we know the most important part of the game is coming back for the sequel to the MMO/looter-shooter hybrid. The teaser setups the event of Destiny 2, told by two different characters. Destiny veterans should know them by now, but from someone who may have not played the first game, it’s fun seeing the back-and-forth between super serious to super self-aware.

It’s just a CGI trailer, so no real gameplay here. But if you’re intrigued by what the setup this time around, have a watch here.

In the Playstation version of the trailer, it was teased that the PS4 version will have timed exclusive content. It is also confirmed that Destiny 2 is indeed coming to PC based on the pre-order link showing a PC version (the site is inaccessible at the time of writing).

Destiny 2 is set to launch on September 8 on PS4, Xbox One and also PC.

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