Here’s 52 Minutes Of Final Fantasy XV In Its (Almost) Final Form

With the delay announcement of Final Fantasy XV that pushed the date of release from September 30 to November 29, Game Director Hajime Tabata promised to show more of the game in its current state at Gamescom via a 30-minute video. The video will showcase what was supposed to be the final, release build. The game is delayed so they won’t roll out a day 1 patch and it will have all the supposed fixes the dev team still needs to do all in the disc later this November.

But what we got here is 52 minutes worth of footage. If you don’t mind being spoiled of the first hour of gameplay, then go check it out below:

After scrubbing through some of the footage, it is safe to say that performance woes that had plagued both demos of the game may have been resolved. The selected footage looks to have a stable frame-rate. UI and menu is pretty much the final thing at this point, and everything seems to look as expected.

Though this is a trailer made directly by Square-Enix, so it is likely that the publisher would cut out footage showing the game’s blemishes. We will have to find out for sure when it is released for the PS4 and Xbox One on November 29.

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