Here Are The Teams That Reached The Overwatch MGA 2016 Championship Regional Finals

Overwatch tournaments are coming left and right, from the EU-based Dreamhack Winter, to the Eastern tournaments that are the APAC Premier and the OGN Overwatch APEX Season 1. The MGA 2016 Championship has reached its final legs of the tournament as they have shortlisted the 8 teams from each three region: Americas, Europe and Asia. The Regional Finals are where this 8 teams compete for the 1 slot to the Grand Final in London, where the three Regional champion and one team sponsored by MSI will compete.

The teams are as follows:


  • Cloud 9
  • Helix Esports
  • Rise Nation
  • Tempo Storm
  • Faze
  • compLexity Gaming
  • Q
  • Team Liquid


  • Team Dignitas
  • T for Tilt
  • Besatt eSports Kings
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • The Gatekeepers
  • Team LDLC
  • melty eSport Club


  • MVP Space
  • DetonatioN Gaming Team
  • Mineski
  • Alter Ego
  • ACE White
  • KongDoo Panthera
  • Team Hexa
  • KongDoo-2

It’s an interesting list of teams. Cloud9, Team Liquid, FaZe Clan and compLexity Gaming are the big ones to watch for, but Rise Nation, the team that made headlines with their close performance against Method during the Overwatch Open qualifiers, as well as Tempo Storm.

On the Europe side, Ninjas in Pyjamas and Team Dignitas should have a good chance here. The appropriately-name The Gatekeepers and Team LDLC could make a breakout performance here. One more team of note is melty. They just announced that the organisation is closing its e-sports arm, and the team playing here will go on another name in the finals.

As for Asia, we see MVP Space and Philippines-based Mineski making it. DetonatioN is the strongest name in Japan for Overwatch, and there’s at least one Australian team making it up there as well.

At the time of writing, the Americas Grand Final are currently in progress, with Europe starting on 17th October and 20th October for Asia. Catch the action over at this Twitch channel.


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