Here Are The Features Coming To F1 22

EA and Codemasters has showcase some new features that are coming to their Formula 1 title en route to it’s early launch on June 28 for the Championship edition owners. The trailer showcase some new race weekend options and a hint of both F1Life and the new Supercars coming into the game.

The trailer showcases it’s new F1 Life hub, where you can customize your driver avatar in not only their race suit, but also their clothing that you can get via doing challenges or in-game currency, much like how FIFA has done with their Volta mode.

They have finally showcase the Supercars mode where you can get to own and showcases cars that are part of the F1’s Hotlaps programme, driving them across all 22 tracks (plus the Portimao circuit according to the game’s trailer) solo or with friends. Though Crossplay for the game is still slated to come later on.

There’s also new immersive broadcast mode where both the safety car and pitstop can be cutscenes, and make it streamline for newcomers. Plus improvements on the practice modes, formation laps and the ability of your pitcrew making mistakes looks to be good quality of life improvements in this decades old series.

It seems its all set for F1 22, which is set to launch on June 28 for the Champion Edition owners and July 1st for the standard edition.

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