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Here Are The 32 World Warriors To Compete At Capcom Cup 2016


The Capcom Pro Tour comes to a close for the year, and the points have been tallied to determine the top 32 players that will be making their way to Playstaion Experience in California, USA to participate in the Capcom Cup. Capcom Cup is the final destination where all these world warriors have been competing in various Capcom-approved events that adds up points with only one game being played: Street Fighter V.

While most really did become world warriors- going around the world to participate in fights just like how the fighters in Street Fighter V are doing- there have been methods of qualifying via online tournaments- a staple for e-sports, but newly instated for this year’s Tour.

The breakdown of the 32 slots to Capcom Cup 2016 goes as follows:

  • 1 EVO Winner
  • 4 Regional Finals Winners
  • 11 Premier Event Winners
  • 8 Global Ranking Points Spots
  • 8 Regional Ranking Point Spots (2 from each region- North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia)

In the event an already qualified player won another event that gives a spot to the Capcom Cup, the additional slot will go to the Global Ranking Points. So players that participated in many events around the world, with consistent results, will go on. Note that the regional finals happened after all the premier events.

With that away, here is the list of qualified players for each slot:

  • EVO Winner: – (RZR Infiltration already qualified)
  • NA Regional Finals Winner: – (TL NuckleDu already qualified)
  • LA Regional Finals Winner: DR Ray
  • EU Regional Finals Winner: BST Daigo Umehara
  • Asia Regional Finals Winner: Mago
  • Premier Event- Final Round 19 Winner: RZR Infiltration
  • Premier Event- Nor Cal Regionals 2016 Winner: – (RZR Infiltration already qualified)
  • Premier Event- Stunfest 2016 Winner: EG Momochi
  • Premier Event- Dreamhack Summer 2016 Winner: BX3.TP-Link  Phenom
  • Premier Event- CEO 2016 Winner: Tokido
  • Premier Event- G-League 2016 WinnerQanba Douyu- Xiao Hai
  • Premier Event- Japan Cup 2016 Winner: ZW GamerBee
  • Premier Event- EGX 2016 Winner: – (ZW GamerBee already qualified)
  • Premier Event- South East Asia Majors 2016 Winner: – (Tokido already qualified)
  • Premier Event- SoCal Regionals 2016 Winner: – (Qanba Douyu- Xiao Hai already qualified)
  • Premier Event- Canada Cup 2016 Winner: TL NuckleDu
  • Global Ranking Spot 1: EG Justin Wong
  • Global Ranking Spot 2: RZR Fuudo
  • Global Ranking Spot 3: MOV
  • Global Ranking Spot 4: FOX Julio Fuentes
  • Global Ranking Spot 5: RZR Xian
  • Global Ranking Spot 6: YOUDEAL MJS  Haitani
  • Global Ranking Spot 7: HM Eita
  • Global Ranking Spot 8: RB  Luffy

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  • Global Ranking Spot 9 (additional spot): HM GO1
  • Global Ranking Spot 10 (additional spot): PG Filipino Champ
  • Global Ranking Spot 11 (additional spot): AWS CCL
  • Global Ranking Spot 12 (additional spot): DNL Chris Tatarian
  • Global Ranking Spot 13 (additional spot): MD MisterCrimson
  • Global Ranking Spot 14 (additional spot): GGP Kazunoko
  • Regional Ranking Point NA 1: EG Ricki Ortiz
  • Regional Ranking Point NA 2: WFX XsK_Samurai
  • Regional Ranking Point LA 1: SOA Brolynho
  • Regional Ranking Point LA 2: EG K-BradBrook – Misterio could not make it to Capcom Cup due to visa issues)
  • Regional Ranking Point EU 1: PxP Problem X
  • Regional Ranking Point EU 2: Ryan Hart
  • Regional Ranking Point Asia 1: HORI  Sako
  • Regional Ranking Point Asia 2: Tse4444

Here’s a cleaner image of the players, according to Capcom Pro Tour points from the official page (via Eventhubs)

25_capcupquals01 25_capcupquals02

These 32 players will be fighting for a piece $350,000 prize pool- that’s $250,000 on top of the sales made from the Capcom Pro Tour DLCWinner takes home at least $120,000. It will played in double elimination in a best of five bout. You can catch the whole action of Capcom Cup starting December 3.