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Here Are More Changes To What’s Included In All Editions Of Rainbow Six Siege


Rainbow Six Siege has grown into a terrific game despite a rough launch, but getting into it now can be a hurdle- there’s multiple editions of the game to consider, and then threre’s the Starter Edition, which is the cheapest edition but seriously skews the progression to be slower than other editions.

As promised after the cancelled price hike, Ubisoft has revised what is included in all editions of the game. The Starter Edition is the most to be changed. Rather than having only 2 random operators unlocked at the start, you now have six- three attackers and three defenders- to start, with 600 R6 credits to start. The six operators can come from a pool of 10 operators as per below:


  • • Ash
  • • Thermite
  • • Thatcher
  • • Fuze
  • • Sledge


  • • Rook
  • • Mute
  • • Smoke
  • • Jager
  • • Kapkan

For the Standard, Advanced, Gold and Complete Editions (yes, there are that many), the original 20 operators will all be unlocked from the start. All versions of the game will also see attachments to now be free instead of being unlocked by Renown. This does not apply retroactively however, so no refunds on all purchased attachments prior to this.

These are all welcomed changes, and should make it easier for new players to jump in.