Hello Games Breaks Long Silence With Tease Of A New Update For No Man’s Sky


Hello Games finally are ready to say something about No Man’s Sky post-launch, and has issued a new statement, teasing on the new update they have been quietly been worked on for some time.

The next update, dubbed The Foundation Update, will lay in the foundations of base building, a feature they teased a while before to be included post-launched, and other more features to be announced soon.

The small indie dev team also officially acknowledge the mixed reactions the game has been receiving. It’s not the fantastical, rewarding journey most people expected to be, as the procedural generation just makes each element of the universe very derivative of each other rather than spawning crazy, fantastical worlds.

The addition to add your own stamp onto the planets with base building should make it more worthwhile to explore the galaxy again. At least we know the team is still in business, not as some rumours reported to be closing shop. Some devs just work better when they talk less.

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