Helldivers II Announced And This Time It’s A Third-Person Shooter

Hell yeah, Arrowhead Game Studios is back and wants to enlist you to fight more alien monstrosities for democracy in Helldivers II.

But this new sequel to the PS4 launch game has one massive change- it’s now a third-person shooter. Helldivers is a top-down twin-stick shooter- similar to the developer’s previous game Magicka.

Helldivers II will see one to four players on hostile planets, fighting bugs with an arsenal of weapons. The trailer looks good, but it lacks the chaos and shenanigans that can ensue with friendly fire on, a hallmark of Helldivers and Magicka. But there are emotes where you can interact with other players from the looks of it.

On the accompanying PlayStation Blog has confirmed that Helldivers II will always have friendly fire on.

It’s interesting to see more game developers transitioning from top-down shooters to third-person shooters. Another example of this was when developer Housmarque made Returnal. On that note, you can think of Helldivers II as chaotic multiplayer Returnal, in a way.

Helldivers II will be out sometime this year for the PS5 and PC.

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