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Helldivers Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary With Free DLC


How long has it been since you last helped spreading managed democracy of Super Earth? The fantastic multiplayer co-op game Helldivers is now one year old and to celebrate that, developers Arrowhead Studios are giving away some free DLC. The items are an Assault customization set – some new cosmetics for your Helldiver, and the LAS-13 ‘Trident’ Laser Shotgun, a new weapon. These items will be patched in for all players, no need to claim it.

There are also giveaways being given via all of their social outlets, so give them a like or follow to get in some prizes.

Helldivers have been quite a popular game, due to the fact it is released on all current Playstation systems (PS4, PS3, PS Vita) and recently on the PC as well. Plus, the new influx of players from PS Plus subscribers last month when Helldivers was offered as a free game, also helps with it getting more momentum. From the blog post they also shared data of statistics, showing over a million players had tried it out, and over 57 million “accidentals” (read: murdered your team mates).

If all of this hasn’t convinced you to give the game a try, we featured it a while ago on a list of games great for teambuilding exercises, all of them fun to play, especially with buddies physically in the same room. So go out there with the new gear, and give them alien scum a cup of liber-tea!