Hearthstone Newest Hero, Liadrin, Requires World Of Warcraft

Liadrin, Hearthstone’s latest hero, can only be unlocked by reaching level 20 with a WoW character!

Blizzard has announced that Liadrin, an optional reskin of the existing Paladin class, can only be unlocked by playing World of Warcraft. Offering a different look with different voice clips and animations, do note that she plays no differently than Uther, the default Paladin.


By hitting level 20 in WoW with any character, players will then be able to gain access to Liadrin. However, for current players who are already past the level threshold, you would have to start a new run to obtain the reward and a new achievement, named “Fledgling Hero of Warcraft” for the MMORPG.

This news comes soon after the initial reveal of the next expansion of Hearthstone, Whispers of The Old Gods, read about that here!


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