Hearthstone Adding A New Single-Player Rougelike Mode, Free For Everyone

Hearthstone, Blizzard’s digital trading card game is getting more content just announced at Blizzcon. Alongside a new card set, Kobbolds And Catacombs, it will also add a new single-player mode.

Each run, you are given a random 10-card deck to beat eight selected bosses, with each win your deck and power grows bigger. Lose and you will have to start all over again, with a new random deck. Outside of the boss fights, you need to choose your paths like a dungeon crawler.

This single-player mode is free for everyone to play, and should not be a problem for anyone who just starting out. Anyone that logs in to the game this Monday will get a new free card- Marin The Fox.

Kobolds And Catacombs will add 135 cards, including legendary weapon cards for all classes, coming this December.

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