Heart Of The Machine Is A Reverse City-Builder Where An AI Controls The World

What would a city-builder game be like if it’s in reverse? Instead of building up to a sprawling city, you start off in a procedurally-generated one filled with resources already?

That’s the gameplay premise of Arcen Games’ upcoming title Heart Of The Machine.

The story premise is also intriguing. You play as the first sentient AI, booting up in a city where no person is aware of your existence. As a machine, you have the power to engage and/or manipulate the world to your liking.

Whether it’s to guide humans into a revolution to topple the current autocracy, or lead them all to their deaths by directly waging war against them, or just manipulate them into causing chaos, is all up to you.

Heart Of The Machine offers various endings and side stories and you are free to play your role, whatever it may be, in this world. There is a bit of real-time tactics gameplay where you can control not only the humans in rooms and hallways, but also giant mechs.

Heart Of The Machine is being published by Hooded Horse, and is expected to release sometime this year on PC via Steam.

Hooded Horse has a huge lineup of games coming out this year, including the much-anticipated Manor Lords, Xenonauts 2, Sons Of Valhalla and the recently announced Breachway.

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