Halo 5 Forge Arrives On PC September 8, System Requirements Revealed

As reported a few months back, Halo 5 Forge, the mode where you can create custom maps or game modes, will be arriving on PC. Though it is specifically locked to Windows 10 for now and not really the Halo experience you would expect, this is a step in the right direction to allow the franchise to hit its PC roots again after reaping success as Xbox exclusive games ever since Halo 2.

Over at Halo Waypoint, developers 343 Industries have shared the system requirement to run Halo 5 Forge on PC. The minimum specs can be considered forgiving for a decent PC rig right now, though higher RAM and GPU’s VRAM certainly helps if you plan to play this on 1080p or even at 4K resolution.


You can create some maps and custom matches with your Xbox friends with the PC version of Forge when it hits the Windows Store on September 8.


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