Hado Uses Augmented Reality To Let You Throw Virtual Fireballs

Ever played pretend as kids where you throw pretend fireballs and pretend to use other super powers? That idea has now taken to new form thanks to augmented reality. Hado is a platform that enable such experience by only using its proprietary wireless headset paired to an iPhone via Bluetooth. Basically, once you’re strapped in, you will see virtual models appearing in reality. (By comparison, virtual reality puts you in a different 3D world). Do a gesture and fireballs will come out and flying.

It’s a neat concept. Developed by Japan-based Myleap, Hado is a platform that they are calling as “techno-sports”. Hado also feature various game modes where you fight a virtual dragon together, a shooting gallery and even a karting games. But Hado is pushing that its main Player VS Player game, the one involves throwing fireballs as an esport.

In fact, there is tournament happening this weekend at The Rift, Mid Valley Megamall, Kuala Lumpur. Teams of three will compete in the first Hado Malaysia tournament. Winners get to go home with RM2,100 cash as well as a 4 days 3 nights trip to Tokyo to represent Malaysia for the Hado World Cup.

This all sounds pretty ambitious, and the team behind Hado must be very confident of their work to start pushing for esports. We will have to see for ourselves if the tech works as intended or not, because the idea of throwing virtual fireballs sounds great, but had never been executed properly.

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