Gungrave Makes A Return, In VR

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Gungrave Makes A Return, In VR

Remember Gungrave? It’s a third-person shooter back in the PS2 days where it’s all about style. You carry coffin that houses a missile launcher, it’s that kind of style. It looks like the series is making a return as a PS VR title, as shown during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show 2017 press conference.

A lot of the old talent that brought Gungrave to life like  illustrator Yasuhiro Nightow and composer Tsuneo Imahori returns for this project, though the bulk of development is now handled by South Korean developers Iggyborn and will be powered by the Unity engine.

It also looks like you there will be first-person and third-person sections throughout the game, rather than just a gallery shooter affair.

Gungrave VR will be out in Japan this year.

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