Guile Is The 2nd DLC Character For Street Fighter V, Coming In April Update

Sonic Boom! Guile is up next as the latest entrant to join Street Fighter V, coming in an update this month. While it has been known who the five characters that Capcom will be adding monthly as DLC, we never got the info on the order in which they will come, so to have Guile, now donning what seems like a pilot uniform, being next in line is a huge surprise.

Earlier a site has reported on finding the new screenshots that Capcom later pulled back on Facebook. Not long after, it the news is now official, with posts on Capcom Unity and Playstation Blog talking about the Guile’s story, gameplay changes and the April Update. Guile’s V-Trigger is really interesting, as it enables him to throw continuous Sonic Booms of various speeds in a short time!

street-fighter-v-guile (2)

The April Update will add a proper rage-quit punishment, by way of locking out players who have high disconnect rates for a certain amount of time. Those that are found to be guilty of having such stats due to rage-quitting will receive a notification on the matter that they are locked out from any matchmaking. But what if those were legit disconnects due to connection problems? It’s probably for the best that these folks get locked out, as a horrible connection would just ruin the experience for the other players anyway. Speaking of matchmaking, several tweaks will be made to ensure faster rates of getting a match, and creating Battle Lounges (online lobbies) should be easier after the update.

Guile, like Alex last month, will be free for everyone to try until they can get Zennies to work. Along with that, a new stage called Air Force Base, heavily reminiscent of Guile’s Street Fighter II stage, will also be available for purchase.

But will Guile’s new theme will still go with anything? We shall find out soon when the update arrives “soon”.

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