GTA Online New Update Adds Underground Automotive Scene With 10 New Cars

GTA Online continues to evolve within interesting premises as the next update, Los Santos Tuners, is coming in with not only new cars, but even a new social space for lovers of things fast.

The new update that’s coming next Tuesday adds the LS Car Meet, a location where you and other players get to showcase your ride in an area where weapons are disabled (no bad vibes,man) and you can race or even test out your cars in the new Test Track.

The races will also get new types of content that Rockstar fans might remember from the Midnight Club series, with Head-to-Head, Pursuit Series and Scramble coming into the game. You even get to earn REP from completing this races which unlocks new gear and more.

Lastly, 10 cars will be dropping on launch of the update. Ranging from the new Jester (aka New Supra),the Futo GTX and more recognizable Tuner cars.

The GTA Online Los Santos Tuners update will launch on July 20.

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