GTA Online Goes Retro With A Top-Down Racing Mode

Remember the first two Grand Theft Auto were played with a top-down perspective? Rockstar sure do remember and they are bringing back the old camera view as a game mode for GTA Online called Tiny Racers.

As the name implies, it’s strictly a racing mode with a top-down camera and racing is limited to on stunt tracks. There’s power-ups available as well, which means it’s more a closer homage to Micro Machines rather than the original GTA. It’s not the first time GTA Online is taking inspiration from other arcade racers. But it’s still a quirky and cool mode to try out when it’s released next week on April 25.

GTA Online keeps on adding new content this few months, including a bunch of new vehicles to buy. It might be a good time to log on back and check out the new stuff they’ve added with a friend or two.

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