GTA Online After Hours Update Out Now, Adds Nightclub Business and More

Last month Rockstar teased some new content coming to GTA Online involving a new nightclub business for players to run. The free update, now titled After Hours, is out now.

Should you have the money, you can now set up night clubs as a legit business front, with the guiding hands of Tony “Gay Tony” Prince, last seen in GTA IV’s The Ballad Of Gay Tony. There is a lot of customisation options for the clubs, with real-life artists such as Solomun, Dixon, Tale Of Us and The Black Madonna making an appearance.

You can also own a Nightclub Warehouse that should help the other existing business operation, a new event in Freemode called Business Battles where you fight for possession of items for you Nightclub Warehouse. Various new vehicles have also been added to the game as well.

Alongside all these, there is also sales for various properties and businesses, should you need to catch up. More details can be found here.

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