GT Sport’s E3 Trailer Releases Early

E3 is supposed to start next week but for all intents and purposes, it might has well started already. Sony has released a new trailer of Gran Turismo Sport for E3.

This e-sports focused entry to the long-running series has nothing new to show off unfortunately. If you’ve missed the coverage of the London reveal event, this trailer serves as a quick rundown of the new features, including an improved social component, scenic photo mode now called as Scapes, the livery editor, live broadcasts of races and the FIA-endorsed tournaments.

At least they changed the songs for the new trailer. But if you have kept up with the news, there’s not much on show here is entirely new. But to those that are attending E3 (lucky you), the game is available to play on the show floor.

Anyway, we’ll expect to see more of GT Sport as we inch closer to the release date of November 15.

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