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GT Series And Create A Team DLC Coming to Motorsport Manager


Motorsport Manager is one of those games where, like Football Manager, you can play it for hours upon hours without no end. And with two new DLCs coming later, that “no end” is increasing in length.

The GT Series DLC is the first paid DLC for the series,which sees the addition of GT Cars in this series that was mostly based on F1-style cars even during their mobile days. And the new cars look beautiful.

Looking good.

Players will fight it out in two series, the beginner GT Challenger Series before stepping up to the top-tier International GT Championship. Both championships will be populated with new teams, drivers and staff different from the base game.

But if race cars aren’t your thing but wanted to create your own team, than worry not! Playsport Games will also release a free “Create Your Own Team” DLC. Players will be able to customize their team colours, name, logo and uniform.  The update gives greater control by allowing them to create and personalise their very own team, which was the main staple of the game before the PC release.

Lead your team to Victory! Or Not.

Both DLCs will release later today (February 22nd) and for owners of the game, expect a patch to come before the launch of both DLCs.