Greedventory Is A Side-Scrolling Action RPG With A Cool Combat System, Releasing This April

Here’s an indie game that might pique your interest. Greedventory is an upcoming action-RPG by developers Black Tower Basement and publisher Nordcurrent, with a combat system that revolves around where you point the mouse cursor.

Not only do you have to click on the enemies to attack them, but enemy attacks can be parried by placing the mouse cursor on projectiles. This does make Greedventory a PC-only release (for now), but it’s an interesting take on a combat system.

Greedventory is set in a desolate world everyone’s a hoarder of sorts and is fueled by greed. Even potential allies might steal, lie and backstab you if it means more wealth to them.

The game is presented in chunky 2D pixel art that’s both gory (there are elaborate death animations) and a little silly.

It’s cool to see more indie games getting released as making games are generally a hard and arduous process, though for Black Tower Basement, it’s a more remarkable achievement as they are based in Ukraine, a country that has been under attack by Russian forces since February last year. The devs talk about how they deal with the ongoing war whilst still continuing on the development of the game in this video blog.

Greedventory will be out on April 20 (nice) for PC via Steam.

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