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Greedfall Is Spiders’ Most Ambitious RPG Yet, Out Now


French developers Spiders’ latest RPG Greedfall is out now. The studio is known for specialising in making RPGs, though their output have been kind of rough.

However, Greedfall seems to be the most ambitious title yet, with comparisons to Dragon Age being commonplace. Early reviews have been pretty good on it too.

In Greedfall, you explore a new, magical island filled with creatures and secrets set in a 17th century aesthetic, And you have the freedom to side with which factions and decide the date of the world and story. Also, recruitable companions where some of them are romanceable.

This will be the last of Spiders’ game to be published by Focus Home Interactive, as Bigben has recently acquired the developers.

Greedfall is out now on PS4 (including PS Store Asia ), PC (Steam) and Xbox One.