Gravity Rush Remastered Is Free For PS Plus Subscribers

Announced during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show Press Conference, the remaster of Gravity Rush will be available for free for all PS Plus subscribers. The game was originally a PS Vita exclusive, but with a sequel coming by the end of the year on the PS4, Sony is building up hype by giving away the remaster of the original game, also on PS4, on PS Plus.

This will be tacked on to the already live deal of free games available monthly for PS Plus subscribers; September offers include Journey, Rebel Galaxy, Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus, Toukiden, From Dust and Datura.

The link is now live and can be downloaded here, or from the PS4’s Playstation Store or the PS Plus menu on the console.

Gravity Rush has an interesting mechanic revolving around controlling gravity for movement and combat. Plus, it boast some interesting presentation, with comic panels as cut-scenes and quirky, charming soundtrack. PS Plus owners should check out the cult hit and see if this game is as good as some may proclaim, and if the upcoming sequel Gravity Rush 2 is worth playing when it releases by the end of November.

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