Grand Strategy Game Houses Of Calderia Out Now On Steam Early Access

If you wish that there are other games doing their own take on Crusader Kings, you might want to check this out. Great Houses Of Calderia, developed by Resistance Games and published by Firesquid, is out now on Steam Early Access.

Set in the fictional lands of Calderia, you must lead your noble family through the times where everyone is playing the game of thrones, so to speak. Use your family members to spy, negotiate, trade and marry the other houses. Build alliances and be wary of backstabbers.

Great Houses Of Calderia allows characters to develop, well, character, based on key events they face in life. And there’s a real-time tactical battle system as well if navigating the social courts isn’t enough.

Plus, modding tools are available already, allowing the community to create unique stories.

Great Houses Of Calderia is available now in Early Access on PC (Steam).

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